Membership of the British Watch and Clock Makers’ Guild is by election and is only open to those professionally engaged in a branch of horology or its allied crafts.

The Guild undertakes a yearly price repair survey, to which all members are requested to respond. The results of this survey are included in The Green Book, the Guild’s year book, which is sent to all paid up members in September each year. The Green Book also contains classified lists of members offering specialist services to the trade and other information The Guild also publishes and circulates The TimePiece newsletter six times a year.

Members are able to use the Guild Emblem on their personal letterhead and business card. Various other items such as valuation forms, window stickers, watch waterproof stickers, etc. are available to members from the Guild at cost. Links to members web sites are included on the web site free of charge to members.

Application for membership must be made in writing via a Membership Application form. A copy of the Guild rules and objectives and the Guild's Professional Charter is also available.

Application for membership must be accompanied by payment for the first year’s subscription.

Annual subscriptions are due during January each year, currently £65.00 for full members and £45 for retired members. Please see the Subscription Payments page (in a drop down menu for Membership) for the various ways to pay.

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