Membership benefits

Benefits of being a member of the British Watch and Clock Makers’ Guild

  • Six issues of TimePiece each year, which includes news, diary dates, horological information and workshop tips, etc.
  • Use of Guild logo on stationery, website, business cards, etc
  • Entry on the Guild's website in the members section - - which enables potential customers to get in touch.
  • A business profile in TimePiece if desired, news stories about your company/products where appropriate and help publicising events
  • Entry in the Green Brook - published once a year it contains Repair Price Survey and Income Survey as submitted by members, water resistant, battery and moon phase guides, members classified list, giving details of specialisms and members website address guide.
  • Discounted advertising in TimePiece and the chance to send out fliers at a very reasonable rate.
  • Use of the Guild’s Watch Spare Parts Database offering the chance to record or sell surplus stock or buy unusual and rare parts.
  • Support and help for members by providing a code of conduct and complaints procedure.
  • Help and advice if complaints are made against members, via a dedicated Guild complaints panel.
  • Help with identifying unusual watches and repairs through our membership (TimePiece) and media pages.  We are active on FB, Instagram and Linked in and have many followers. A recent query about a time recording clock was solved in a couple of hours when a specialist saw it on our Instagram page and we were able to put our member in touch.
  • Merchandise - BWCMG stickers for use at Business premises, ties, customer notices, display card, conditions of repair acceptance, valuation forms. We are just developing a Not Water Resistant sticker for watches, following an appeal from our members.
  •  Chance to have your say and attend Board meetings - 4 x a year.
  • Occasional horological trips

The Guild are also actively supporting the Spare Parts Initiative against Swiss watch houses who want to stop supplying parts to British watchmakers.

The Guild are actively involved in both the new Watch and Clock Maker Apprenticeship schemes, which will be funded by the Government.

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