Welcome to The British Watch and Clock Makers' Guild site.

In 1907 a small number of watchmakers met together in Clerkenwell to discuss the then problems of their craft and to see, by joining together, what they could do not only to benefit themselves, but to benefit the craft in general. From these small beginnings has grown The British Watch and Clock Makers' Guild, whose members now come from all parts of the United Kingdom and abroad.

Over the years, the scope of the Guild has widened and the ways in which various facilities can be extended, or new ones introduced are always being considered and discussed by the elected Guild Council, composed of practical experts from all branches of the craft. The Guild Secretariat is always pleased to assist members with information.

Membership of The British Watch and Clock Makers' Guild is by election and is available to those who are professionally engaged in any branch of horology and allied crafts. A Membership Certificate is issued to all members immediately after being elected to membership.

Membership applications forms can be downloaded from the membership link.

A brief history of The British Watch and Clock Makers' can be found elsewhere on our site.

After the success of the Guild Industry Strategy Conference in March this year, the Guild is pleased to announce the formation of the Industry Action Fund, which will initially be used to conduct vital research into the current state of the UK Trade, its views, and its requirements. This will then be used to help fight anti competetive practices, and to obtain support from the relevant authorities to help future growth.

If you would like to support this important work, please email our Project Manager at iaf@bwcmg.org

Please bear with us while we prepare additional information for this website.

The site contains a geographical list of links to Guild members with websites, it also contains links to other related websites.

Those wishing to purchase materials for their clocks or watches; books on Horology will find links to material houses and booksellers on this site.

People interested in Horology will find some suggestions for visiting museums and stately houses with Horological collections.

The Guild regrets that they do not undertake research or give information on specific types of watches or clocks or their makers to non Guild members.

The British Watch and Clock Makers' Guild is not to be held responsible for any advice or product that is part of any advertisement within this or any linked web sites. Such responsibility lies solely with the company or individual advertising.

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